Vision and robotics for agriculture: state of the art and challenges

I will give a research seminar at the SnT (Université du Luxembourg) on Friday 11 at 11AM. It will be entitled: “Vision and robotics for agriculture: state of the art and challenges”.

Abstract: Agricultural robotics brings new challenges to computer vision and robotics researchers. First, because it requires the robot to operate outdoors on sometimes difficult terrain and in non-cooperative conditions: mud, rain, fog, sun, etc. Moreover, if it is possible to build a factory around industrial robots, it is necessary to adapt agricultural robots to the very specific context it serves, to practices and know-how. Finally, environmental and health issues will become increasingly important in the agriculture of the future and robotics will have to meet them. Our work, with a particular focus on viticultural robotics, will address some of these issues and propose robotic solutions to: – have a better knowledge of the plant's development and health status; – adapt the treatments applied to the plant to this state by seeking to reduce its volume (more for ecological and health reasons than for economic reasons) – in a so-called sustainable agriculture approach; – have an objective measure of the effectiveness of these treatments by monitoring the state of the plant.